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Use this form to select all the options for the cart you have been looking for! Please use the text box at the bottom for any additional requests that the form did not address. Once submitted we will get back to you with a price and estimated build time. After initial deposit is received your custom cart will start to be constructed to all of your indicated requests.

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  Brand New Chassis (Takes 2-3 weeks extra)
  Remanufactured Chassis

There is no mechanical difference between a brand new chassis and a remanufactured one - we either order all brand new metal and it costs more or we take an existing cart apart, replace any pieces that are not "like new", and give the entire chassis a fresh coat of paint.  For remanufactured units we also offer powerder coating as an option for people who live close to the beach - it costs a bit more but preserves the paint and the metal for significantly longer.

Please select the base power train systems
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Detailed description of custom build options

All of the carts that we build, whether they are brand new or built on top of a remanufactured chassis, are considerably higher performance carts then those that you would buy from a standard golf cart dealer.  We start from the bare metal chassis and build everything new just like a brand new unit.

What are the powertrain options?

The powertrain of your golf cart is the entire electrical system that takes power from the batteries and makes the wheels spin. The primary factors are the choice of voltage that the system is designed for, the type of motor that best suites your application, and the amount of battery power desired. The voltage choices we offer are 48v, 72v, and 96v. We offer both an AC and a DC motor/controller configurations at 48v and only AC motor/controller options at 72v & 96v

We don't build the older 36v style DC carts.  The cost is too close to our entry level platform and the performance is significantly less.

48v - DC - 100 Amp Hour - 6Hp

The entry level configuration is a 48v DC system with a 6Hp SepEx motor and a 100 Amp-hour Lithium Ion battery pack. Our entry level carts will get you through two 18-hole rounds of golf and to a from your house.  If you are not planning to use your cart on the golf course then you could easily get around for all your shopping needs within 3-5 miles of your house - or you could think of anywhere that is less than about a 12-15 minute car ride from your house.  The entry level configuration will provide better range and performance than even a brand new 36v or 48v lead acid battery powered golf cart.  If you would like greater range then you can choose the 277 Amp-hour battery option or choose to add a second 100 Amp-hour battery either at build time or after you have the cart - we have designed our custom power system to allow for an additional battery pack.

48v - DC - 100 Amp Hour - 12Hp

Our middle of the road 48v DC configuration provides for a very responsive, fast, and fun to drive cart. It has a 12Hp "Long Stack" SepEx motor that produces a lot of power to get going quickly and get up any hills you want to climb.   Because this configuration has so much more power we offer a two mode switch selector to either extend range or have increased speed.   Operating in the increased speed mode will reduce the overall travel distance. If you are planning to drive this cart fast and cruise around town - serious consideration to larger Amp-hour capacity batteries is recomended.  Start with a 277 Amp-hour pack option to allow for the addition of a second 100 or 277 Amp-hour pack.